SK7HW 70th Years Anniversary

qsl_sk70hwKSA – ”Kronobergs Sändareamatörer” with the club signal SK7HW, is a non-profit association of radio interested in Kronoberg County of Sweden.
The club dates back to 1946, and today we are about 60 members most of whom are licensed radio amateurs.
The interests of ham radio operators are protected in Sweden by the Swedish Transmitter Amateurs – SSA.

Our club house represents the focal point for us in addition to the ether, the cottage is located in a scenic area of ​​beech forest in the strait between Bergunda lakes, and called for the croft Dacke, where we have the radio shack, antennas, workshop, meeting room, kitchen and storage.

Every Wednesday evening at 19 hours we meet in the cottage for work on various construction projects, when we do not use the radios or have a coffee. Every second Wednesday of each month (except July) we hold our monthly member meetings.
The members also have their own keys to the house so that the equipment can be used at all times.

KSA’s spring auction is worth a visit, we usually have visiting radio amateurs from near and far.
The club also conducts related activities at events such as Dackefejden and South Swedish Rally, we also have a number of family events, as our summer party in August and christmas party with classic christmas dinner.

In the shack we have a number of radios that covers all amateur bands between 160 m and 23 cm, computers with internet access and interfaces to run digital modes, outside in the cottage garden is erected one 45 m tower with antennas for the 6m, 2m, 70cm, 23cm bands and one 36 meter tower with beam antennas for the 10-12-15-17-20 and 40 meter bands. The aerial park also features a vertical antenna for the 160 and 80 meter band and various dipole antennas.

We run a 2 meter repeater and echoling node (24393) on 145.675 MHz and a DStar Repeater / Gateway (SK7HW..B) on 434,700 MHz
which can be used by club members or other radio amateurs, as well as APRS digipeater / IGate on 144.800 MHz .

We have a fully equipped workshop with tools and measuring instruments for those who want to build, repair or tune their radio or other equipment.
The club organizes joint construction evenings where we have built APRS trackers, antennas among other things.

Some of the club members also tend to engage in contests on the HF/VHF/UHF bands

The Club manages members’ QSL via our QSL Manager.

We conduct training in technology and regulations for obtaining amateur radio certificate.

All radios are interested are very welcome to contact any of the board or visit us in the club house on a Wednesday evening.
We will take good care of you and show you around to try the radio stations so you get an idea of ​​what amateur radio is.

For directions see Contacts

For more information about our training for amateur radio certificate, contact Bo Hasselquist SM7HZK

Welcome!  / Daniel Karlsson SM7YSA, Chairman


Have you had a QSO with SK70HW? Download our printable diploma (pdf 2.5mb)

» Läs klubbens fullständiga historiska berättelse skriven av SM7DBD Nils-Olof Karlberg